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Receive first-class online training, certification, and knowledge on pdk’s mobile-first access control line, helping you build your technical skills & sales tactics.

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Access Control 101 by Prodatakey

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Learn access control and how to sell it. Get certified today.


Technical Certification

Learn the technical skills necessary to successfully install and configure a pdk io system. Our technical certification course includes everything from installation & power to networking & configuration.


Sales Training

With our in-depth sales training, you’ll be able to confidently sell, survey, spec, and bid the entire line of Prodatakey products and services. You’ll also learn about real-world installation applications.


Access Control 101

Pdk is bringing you free online training courses built to enhance your skills, knowledge, and understanding of all-things access control! Get firsthand experience from pdk professionals!

Access Control 101 by Prodatakey

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